Flower care

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Contrary to popular belief, bouquets of flowers and fresh blooms remain fresh and lively for longer than a few days but only with a little care and nurturing. By following a few simple steps and guidelines, you can ensure that this thoughtful but fragile gift stays fresh for many days to come, constantly reminding you of the sender’s kind, generous, thoughtful or amorous intentions.


The best practice to care for your newly arrived present is to transfer them to a vase as soon as possible. All floral treats come with their own floral foam which is pre-treated with water. However, when you transfer it to a vase, it is important to ensure that you keep the water levels as high as possible. This will ensure that the flowers will stay fresh for longer.


When finding the perfect spot to display the beautiful floral arrangement you have just received, make sure you choose a spot that is cool and away from direct sunlight. This will let them stay fresh longer as they will not meet too many temperature differences. Also, avoid keeping the flowers directly under fans or air conditioning or near heaters as this will dehydrate the stems and cause them to wilt faster.


Watering the flowers once and leaving them to take their natural course is not going to help you help them last long. If the sender has taken so much trouble to send you such a thoughtful and beautiful present, it is only fair that you take five minutes of your daily routine to check in on these beauties. Provide fresh water of the flowers daily so as to get rid of any residue or build-up. This will not clog the stems and keep the flow of fresh water right to the petals. Of course, as time passes, the flower will have consumed its natural minerals and will need external sources of nourishment. If the petals seem to droop in spite of your care, it might be a good idea to treat the flowers with some specific flower foods which are usually delivered with your gift. This will not just provide the flowers with the much needed supplements, but will also keep bacteria at bay.


In the longer run, to keep the flowers fresh, you can start by cutting half an inch or one inch off the floral arrangement every day. It is important to cut the stems diagonally so as to allow for maximum level of fresh water absorption. Before you cut the stems, ensure that the floral placement is not disturbed on the top, by carefully typing it up at the base of the flowers, else it will ruin the look of your present.

Apart from these basic and generic rules, the best and simplest way to look after your specific floral gift is by following the specific guidelines which come along with it, based on the specific flowers which make up the arrangement.

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